Speed & Responsiveness

Whether it’s to quote, bind, or respond to a claim—you can rest assured that Falvey Cargo has the best-in-class infrastructure, expertise, and dedication to address even your most complicated cargo insurance needs at a moment’s notice. At Falvey Cargo, we are serving the world in motion. As such, we understand the value of fast action and responsiveness when it comes to our brokers and clients’ insurance needs. We pride ourselves in being accessible when you need us most.

Integrity & Service Above All

We strive to be uniquely flexible in an industry that is too often defined by its rigidity. Every policy we write is unique, and our underwriters take pride in their ability to provide creative solutions on a case-by-case basis for our clients and broker partners. We believe that by working with you to provide a comprehensive solution with excellent service, we can become your trusted cargo market of choice. At Falvey Cargo, our solutions to your cargo insurance needs are backed by our integrity. We have spent decades developing a reputation in the industry for being committed to going the extra mile for our clients and broker partners, providing solutions that put your needs first and exceed expectations.

Relationships, Not Transactions

Our focus on relationships is core to the value that we offer, and we believe that investing time and resources to build those relationships is an area through which we further distinguish ourselves from the competition. Our goal is to act as a trusted advisor to our clients and broker partners, not just a transactional provider. This extends to our commitment to educating our broker partners and clients on the merits of stand-alone cargo and stock throughput insurance, as there are many times when such coverage is not in place.  We take a personal approach to every interaction we have with a client or broker. We build long-term partnerships — and to us, that’s the measure of success.

Global Programs at a Local Level

Falvey Cargo operates five branches across North America to service our global programs, and can provide local policy issuance in over 160 countries. Global coverage with a local touch is just one way we provide solutions for our clients and broker partners that make a difference. 

Our locations include:

  • North Kingstown, RI (Headquarters);
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Ramon, CA
  • Toronto, Canada

Versatility and Value

Falvey Cargo strives to provide the best value of any carrier in the marine cargo market. We have experience working with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 50 corporations to start-ups and mid-size businesses. Our value starts with the strength of our form,  but we believe that your premium should provide more than just great coverage. With Falvey Cargo, you receive a breadth of additional value-added services at no additional cost.

History and Applied Expertise

When you partner with Falvey Cargo, you are getting more than best-in-class coverage for your clients, you are gaining access to over 160 years of cumulative underwriting expertise. Our rich history of applied expertise in marine cargo insurance affords us the ability to underwrite a wide variety of goods and commodities, working with our broker partners to find solutions for our clients’ needs — no matter the specification.  By considering all of the variables involved in storage and transit through to delivery, we write each policy from a position of accuracy, authority and confidence—no matter the cargo.
Our niche knowledge with technology and life sciences allows us to be more flexible and agile than the competition. Our rigorous standards, experience, and technical knowledge have made us the go-to leader in the technology and life sciences space for nearly 20 years. Advising our clients how to safely and successfully oversee the transportation of highly sensitive cargo helps them reduce losses which translate to lower premiums.  
We understand the nuances of every aspect of cargo insurance—from loss prevention to the correct coverage and clauses in your policy, to claims handling—so that our clients receive the best-in-class service when it matters most.

Claims Excellence

Falvey Cargo is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of timely and responsive claims settlement. We understand that experiencing a claim if often times disruptive to our clients’ supply chain. We focus on the claim so our clients can focus on running their business.  Contrary to the rest of the industry, where you might be tangled up in claim bureaucracy, for months or even years, Falvey Cargo settles 75% of our claims within 60 days of reporting to us.  At Falvey Cargo, there are no hidden clauses buried in fine print, no runaround, and no question that you’re going to receive the best possible service and satisfaction should you ever need to file a claim.

Expert Loss Prevention Included with Premium

Your premium grants you access to Falvey Cargo’s industry-leading loss prevention experts at no additional cost to you. The ProTecht Loss Prevention program offers a three-pronged approach to not only proactively work with you to help prevent and avert losses, but address the strategic management of claims and adopt aggressive recovery techniques designed to eliminate, mitigate and recoup losses. This expertise results in our broker partners providing a better comprehensive solution for the risks and exposures facing their clients.

Unparalleled Security, Highest Capacity

Falvey Cargo is pleased to partner with Lloyd’s of London and Beazley Insurance Company Inc., companies that share our vision for unsurpassed service and underwriting excellence. Falvey Cargo is the largest cargo cover note holder at Lloyd’s and also offers US Admitted paper through Beazley, both rated ‘A Excellent’ by A.M. Best. This financial security and resiliency provide our broker partners and our clients with the peace of mind that claims will be settled.
Goods to market do not wait for business decisions.  Through these partnerships, Falvey Cargo provides capacity up to $325MM, with the industry’s highest in-house authority.  For our clients, this translates to getting the limits they need with the ability to bind it quickly.

  • What I value most is Falvey Cargo’s responsiveness. They will follow up with me well in advanced of a renewal, and they will send a quote and bind faster than of their competitors. They definitely help make my life easier as a broker and that’s a big plus at the end of the day.

    — Nationally Recognized Broker

  • Falvey Cargo is always our go-to for transit needs. Thanks for being so responsive and helping us provide solutions that meet the client's need.

    — Regional Broker